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How is the Top Hits Online chart compiled?
The chart is compiled from personal charts all over the web.  Every chart position on every personal chart is used, no matter how large the chart.  For each song, points are awarded based on where the song is positioned (more points for #1, fewer points for #10).  When all chart data for each week is compiled, the total points for each song is divided by a coefficient which is a function of the total possible chart points for that week.  This formula creates a score usually ranging from 0 to 150 for each song.  This score is standardized, allowing comparisons with scores from other chart weeks.

What charts are monitored?
Over 100 personal web pages are monitored.  Several message boards are also monitored where personal charts are often posted.  Those who do not have their pages on a site are welcomed to send their charts to Tim Harris at

What if I have more than one personal chart?
Some individuals have multiple charts, such as a pop and and a rock chart for example.  Only one chart per person will be used to compile Top Hits Online.  Typically the chart chosen will be the one that correlates most highly with the Top Hits Online chart itself.

I want to contribute to the Top 100, but I don't have a chart.  What can I do?
Type your chart into an email, Excel spreadsheet, or Word document and send it via email.  Any personal charts that are not more than 30 days old are used

How does a song receive a bullet?
A bullet means that the song has the potential to move further 'up' the chart or increase in points.  On average, about 48 songs per week receive bullets.  For songs that had a bullet in the previous week, the song must either move 'up' the chart or increase in points in order receive a bullet.  For songs that did not receive a bullet in the previous week, the song needs to gain at least 5% in points in order to re-acquire its bullet.  All songs debuting on the chart receive bullets.  Because of these rules, it is possible that a song could receive a bullet while still moving down in chart position, indicating that it still has potential to move up the chart.

How can I help out?
Compiling the Top Hits Online chart requires a lot of time.  Individuals who would like to help with the chart will be welcomed and appreciated.  Help is always needed in compiling the chart data and enhancing the look and content of the website.


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